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Village Laida: Our village is situated on a hill, the blessings of The Lord Laxmiyaran are rich on all the villagers. The village is 12 km outskirt from Banjar Devision. There are many people in the village whose mutual love is very good. All of them help a lot in the work of each other, whether they are happiness or sadness. Do a lot of cooperation. It is very rare to see. All the houses are made of wood and clay here. I am very lucky that I was born in this village. The biggest thing is that this village is also far from pollution, it can say that there is zero pollution. Pure air, water and food exists in sufficient quantities, which is very important for the survival of humans. In front of the village, these mountain attracts the mind. When you go to these mountains, you see the whole of Banjar valley.

Crops: Most people are dependent on farming, which includes Wheat, Maize, Barley, Tomatoes, Peas, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beans etc. Apple is the main crop here and there are many varieties found in it such as Royal, Golden, Geromine etc. Pears and Pulms are also found in great quantity.

Weather :The weather here runs according to the season but there is neither heat nor stinging nor cold.

In summer the temperature here is as high as between 18-22 degree or In the winter it is at least -3 to -5 degrees. Almost the weather is very good.

Festivals : According to the season, fairs are also held in place of The Lord Laxminarayan , which includes Nav Samvat (New Year), Hoom, Otan, Virshi, Thuaar, Fagli (Mask Festival) Etc.

Faguli (Mask Festival) fair is very famous because all the people in this fair are wearing a mask in their mouth. Enjoy this fair very much. Which happens in the middle of February month.



Laida Holiday Home Stay

laida hoilday Home Stay

laida Hoilday Home Stay

Laida Hoilday Home Stay

Laida Hoilday Home Stay

Bhaviya Package Offer
Bhaviya Package Offer 
₹ 999/- per night I Room Only 
₹ 1199/- per night I Breakfast only 
₹1599/- per night I Breakfast & Dinner 

*Bhavyansh Workation Offer :*
₹7999/- for 10 days with all meals I Single Sharing 
₹5999/- for 10 days with all meal I Double Sharing 
₹25000/- for 1 month with all meal I Single Sharing 
₹15000/- for 1 month with all meal I Double Sharing 

*Package Inclusions Are*
👉Welcome drink on Arrival 
👉Traditional Welcome on arrival at Home Stay 
👉Daily Bed Tea (on request)
👉Daily Breakfast & Dinner (as per package Selection)

We offered : 
   Wifi (Jio Doungle) I Running I Hot & Cold Water I Loacl Food I Care Taker I Battery Backup I Travel Desk
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